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Vincent and Meguey’s Apocalypse World was the spark that lit the fuse for literally hundreds of games.

That game transparently presents certain procedures that are combined with rules that push the reinforcement of its theme. That is why many designers and lovers of role-playing games have wondered if it would not be possible to bring these dynamics and rules to other landscapes.

This resource provides designers with an insight into what we do when we play a PbtA game. You can use it to deepen your understanding of what players do and when they do it. And you can also include it in your PbtA games for your readers to see.

You can see this resource in action here, in our free hack/remix of Apocalypse World and World of Dungeons.

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Great tool for both Keepers and players! I love the flowchart style of this tool to help keep track of moves and next steps. Takes the whole book and simplifies it into an easy bird's eye view of what to do during play through.


Wonderful, thank you for this. Though I'd probably suggest a less violent term more than "meat grinder". :D

Thanks to you for commenting and sharing your thoughts! On the term "meat grinder": I guess I couldn't help but have the harsh nature of Apocalypse Word splatter a few drops of blood on this guide.
Perhaps a more generic term such as "escalation" could be thought of.