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A road trip escaping the law.

A stellar search for intelligent life.

A sacred race in an ancient forest.

A cavalcade in the Wild West.

A dungeon crawl in search of treasures.

A marine exploration into the unknown.

An exotic journey to stop a strange cult.

A portrait of apocalyptic scavengers.

Eight nanogames tempered by the heat of the slow fire.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Wow, the tone of all of these games seems like exactly the kind of thing I'd love to experience in a TTRPG! Apologies if it's intentionally left open to interpretation, but is there an ideal minimum or maximum number of players these games could comfortably support?


Thanks for commenting, and we're glad you like the game's tone.

We have tested games with 1-5 players, but we think it could even handle larger groups. If you try it, please let us know!

This anthology may seem deceiving at first glance.

All games follow a simmilar structure, but they all convey a very different feel, a very different idea.

They have the same narration mechanic that appears simple enough, but its simplicity requires specific interactions in actual play, and that actual player interactivity plus the beautiful way the text conveys the setting and expectations really shine as the next player get's to explore a calm, tense, silly, crude, thrilling, sad, happy or unforgiving scene.

So, believe me, despite it's apparent sameness, they are all worthy of my, and hopefully your, consideration.