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Beware! This game is under development. You can download the trial version for free, which includes the basic rules of the game. The final version will have some text editing improvements, special rules for playing campaigns and trying to get out of the Arctic prison alive, and some sections dedicated to the setting and ways of life of 19th century explorers. If you download the demo, please tell us what you think about it!

The best navigators in history have searched for a northern passage to join the Atlantic and the Pacific. Many of them never returned home. You should have been the last in this line of pioneers, with a discovery that would have brought light to these uncivilized lands.

But things went wrong.

A few weeks ago, the fury of the elements left you stranded between sheets of ice. Summer has been very short this year, and it is clear that you do not have enough time to free the ship and repair it to return home.

You must go through the harshest fall and winter of your lives, waiting for warmer days. But neither the ship nor you are prepared to spend months isolated in the most remote part of the world.

You have neither the food nor the proper equipment. You only have yourself.

Will this be enough?

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsRúnica Games, Juan Manuel Avila
GenreRole Playing, Survival
TagsExploration, Historical

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This game is an inspiration for making games your own. Based on InSpectres, a usually humoristic game, it really reads as a great way to experience the themes it explores in the rules.

I specially like the differences between Stranded and the inspiration: the way the Bucks (the spaces for the Crew to live and sleep in) are such a valuable resource, and the way the mechanics just continue to push you, demanding more and more dice to meet the goal of surviving and repairing the Ship, which are difficult to come by if you don't use those juicy Bucks dice... I think it's handled beautifully.

I look forward to play this game soon!